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Frontier Semiconductor, Inc, (FSM), offers a range of advanced metrology products and solutions for semiconductor, LED, Solar, FPD, Data Storage and MEMS applications. We have over 25 years experience in stress measurement, film adhesion testing, wafer topography metrology, and electrical characterization. Our latest offerings include unique technology to meet the metrology needs of 3DIC manufacturing. We have shipped our first 450mm wafer tools.

FSM has local sales and support offices in all major semiconductor clusters. Other areas are covered by a network of local representatives.

Applications & Technologies

Management driven by Customer satisfaction offers the Best-Known-Method in our customized metrology solutions.
Partnership with major OEMs to enable 300mm and 450mm eco-system and to align with fabs' cost reduction initiative.


  • Adhesion Tester

    Film adhesion testing of thin films and stacks on substrates for material evaluation.

    Model: MELT | Aquaflex |

  • VIT

    NEW: Virtual Interface Technology for 3D-IC Metrology:
    -TSV profile (depth, top & bottom CD, tilt, SWA)
    -Residue Detection
    -Copper Nail Height
    -Bump Height and Cu pillar height
    -Edge trim profile

    Model: VIT SA | VIT C2C |

  • 127 Raman

    Local and Lattice Stress Measurement, Die level Topography for in-die and in-device stress and composition control.

    Model: Raman-360 | 127C2C |

  • Electrical Characterization

    Full line of front end electrical characterization tools: Sheet Resistance, leakage, and CV-IV measurements.


  • Aeto-Tech

    Port testing.

    Model: Aeto-Tech |

  • 900 Series

    Stress Hysteresis in vacuum or gas up to 900C for the study of annealing cycles.
    Thermal Desorption, Film Shrinkage, Reflectivity, and Resistivity options provide additional insight to causes of material changes with temperature.

    Model: 900TC-VAC | 900C2C |

  • 500 Series

    Stress Hysteresis Measurement up to 500C for thermal property and stability tests of thin films in air.
    Non-Contact Laser Scanning Technology.

    Model: 500TC |

  • 413 Series

    Substrate Thickness, Warp, and TTV Measurement
    - with or without Tape
    - for Wafer Backgrind and Etch Thinning processes.
    Non-contact Echoprobe Technology.
    Thin film and surface roughness options.

    Model: 413 SA | 413 EC | 413EC-MOT | 413C2C |

  • 128 Series

    Bow and Global Film Stress Measurement.
    Non-contact full wafer stress mapping for semiconductor and flat panel application.
    Dual Laser Switching Technology.

    Model: 128NT | 128L | 128G - 450 | 128L C2C |


21 Product lines... Click here for more details

900C2C 900 Series

300mm fully automated Cassette to Cassette system.

127C2C 127 Raman

Nano Topography of dies:
1nm vertical resolution in single images sized up to 30mm x 40mm

413 EC 413 Series

Manual loading, manual positioning system.

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FSM launches Ultra Fast 3D Inspection system at Semicon West.

The UltraFast 3D Inspection and Metrology system is a high throughput system that measures the height of all (100%) micro-features on a wafer surface such as micro bumps, Copper nails, Cu pillars, redistribution layer (RDL) bumps, and others.

Instead of time consuming scanning or measuring one micro feature at a time, our technology employs simultaneous area measurement of all features in the footprint of the measurement beam. The beam can be several mm by several mm sized and captures all features regardless of pitch. In case of high density I/O chips this can be hundreds to thousands of features in a single field of view.
Applications are manifold. It enables rapid 100% height measurement of all features on a wafer. Analysis features include height maps across the wafer or dies, as well as co-planarity determination. In parallel to the height information optional defect inspection can be employed. This makes the FSM 3D inspection and metrology system a powerful tool for advanced 2.5D/3D packaging process. It can be used for yield improvement, incoming and outgoing quality control.